1. We are detribalized venture, creating unity amongst Dealers by exposing them to Agro-training every quarter.
  2. Excellence is our culture.
  3. We believe in People service.
  4. We believe in Quality assurance Quality control.
  5. We believe our product is a household name.
  6. We believe in training and retraining of our staffs to enhance performance.
  1. We believe we can promote made in Nigeria goods and supplies to every family in every Nation in 10 years.
  2. We believe in pay as you supply.
  3. We believe that we are the bestselling company with stride for excellence.
  4. We are instruments and promoters of Nigerian made goods.
  5. We believe we can reach our customers through every available means.
  6. We believe in 10 years we can engage farmers to plant, produce and create a supply chain to our market.