1. To supply all restaurants in the state
2. To supply all market in City and state within our sphere of contact
3. To reach out to every supermarket in the state
4. To create an awareness in every social media platform in every state
5. To create a community supply chain in every community by identifying retailers by granting incentives
6. To reach out to every individual, home and cities within our sphere contact
7. To create a promoter network through the effective marketing and mobilization of retail customers
8. To instil sustainable values in our products by encouraging quality service to every customer irrespective of status
9. To respect all our clients and customers
10. To encourage discipline in our service delivery
11. To develop a feedback system for customer satisfaction in every month
12. To develop a cash chain network for cash withdrawals, Transfers and Deposit
13. To discourage sabotage, and encourage equity and fairness
14. To give first consideration to our customers and Promoters of goods and services
15. To partner with individual and registered cooperatives in every state for promotion of our products
16. To build Rice SMEs across every
17. To partner with relevant financial bodies to develop a pool of market
18. To ensure that our promoters meet targets through effective marketing

19. To see that all our products are in Supermarkets
20. To see that the pricing for is regulated at affordable prices
21. To create a cooperative network for rice by partnering with universities, Schools, MDAs and Organizations
22. To see that all our customers create an account with us to create data
23. To develop a strategy for feedback system and structure for our product
24. To adhere to tax payments, government levies
25. Buy one bring 10 People for a free 25kg bag
26. To ensure quality assurance and Quality control for our customers
27. To ensure that all our sub distributing network adhere to our regulations
28. For every sub distributor must ensure that our products are not rebagged or repackaged, adulterated or sabotaged
29. Every sub distributor must have a shortee before carrying out sales
30. Sub distributors will be supervised every week to ensure checks and balance
31. To develop a reward system for our promoter
32. To employ marketers and economists, eg competent Corp members to supervise the business while young adults as promoters
33. To entrust goods to our staff who demonstrate performance in character
34. To see that we partner with institutional drivers to utilize our products eg Union Leaders, LGAs.
35. To partner with our producer to change the packaging every year to discourage adulteration
36. To develop a delivery service system to our customers