Become a Sub-Distributor

Umes Agro Ventures being a major distributor of the Al Hamsad ParBoiled rice creates profiting and benefitial opportunities to individuals and companies seeking to expand it’s scope of busniess in the Agro industries.

Our Sub-Distributors

...Creating sustainable taste for every customer

Sub Distributor Requirement

  • Individuals would pay a nominal fee to become a distributor.
  • Each distributor would be given an extension number, identifying them from other distributors.
  • Each distributor will promote the product on various media. In their advertisements, distributors would provide UAC toll-free number along with their own extension number.
  • Potential consumers would dial the toll free number and “punch- in” an extension number (the extension number determines which distributor is receiving the call).
  • Our selling staff provides the caller with information on the business, training course and proceeds with closing the sale on behalf of the distributor.
  • If a sale is made, the necessary information (credit card number, shipping address, etc.) is collected from the caller.
  • Our computer assigns the sales revenue and the selling costs to the distributor’s account.
  • UAV packages the product and sends it to the customer. In the case of an internet sale, the customer would be given our web-site address and an ID number – no tangible product would be shipped to the customer.
  • At the end of every month, distributors would receive a check for the balance in their account.